— SEGWAY & Electric Cruiser Car Tour Questions —

Do just tourists take your tours or do locals take your tours too?

Many of our repeat guests are Bendites heading out yet again with family and friends visiting the Central Oregon. We feel whether you have been in Bend for five minutes, five years or five decades you will experience town in a whole new way while on a tour with us.

What are the age requirments to ride a Segway?

Oregon law requires Segway riders to be a minimum of 16 years of age. Unfortunately, we can not offer any exceptions to this minimum age rule. On the upper end of the age scale, we have had plenty of riders in their golden years but guest mobility and safety concerns must be considered by any rider no matter what their age.

What are the weight restrictions for riding a Segway?

Yes. Segway sets weight limits for rider safety and to reduce the risk of damage to a Segway. A rider must not be less than 100 lbs. (45 kg). The Segway’s maximum payload (which includes the rider and all cargo) is 260 lbs. (117 kg). The total weight of any handlebar cargo plus any additional attachments hanging from the handlebar should not exceed 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).

Do Segways have the ability to store water bottles, phones, purses, etc?

Our Segways have a storage pack that is able to transport smaller items i.e. cameras, medications, water bottles, hats & gloves, small purses, etc. (please note that the carrying capacity of the pack is 10lbs) All other large personal items are should be safely stored in your vehicle or back at our tour center. The Bend Tour Company is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Do I have to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. All participants must sign a liability waiver at the start of the tour. Participants aged 18 or younger must have an adult 25 years or above sign for them and participate in the ride with them. Sorry, but due Oregon laws guests under 16 are not able to join our Segway tours.

How many people can join a Segway tour?

Our Segway tours are kept at a maximum of six per group with a goal of keeping your tour experience as intimate as possible.

How many people can join an Electric Cruiser Car tour?

The maximum number of guests our Electric Cruiser Car can accommodate is per tour.


What are the age requirements to ride in the Electric Cruiser Car?

There is no upper age limit to ride in our Electric Cruiser Car but for the lower end of the age requirement we do suggest 8 years old or older for children and Oregon seat-belt laws are applicable at all times.

What are the weight restrictions and Oregon adult & child seatbelt laws for riding in the Electric Cruiser Car?

There are no specific weight restrictions per guest, however, the car does have a maximum weight limit and guests should keep in mind that our electric cars are not the same size as a regular passenger car. Based on the overall weight limit, the recommended weight per guest that will allow for everyone’s comfort and safety is an average of 250 lbs.

Oregon Law states children  under 40 pounds must ride in a car seat with a five point harness. Children over 40 pounds or who have reached the upper weight limit of their car seat’s harness system, must use a booster seat until they are age 8 or 4’9″.  Your child may be ready for an adult seat belt when you can say “YES” to these 5 points. Your child can…

  • Sit with their back against the vehicle seat without slouching
  • Sit with the shoulder belt positioned across the shoulder and chest.
  • Sit with the lap belt positioned low and sung across the upper thighs.
  • Sit with knees bending at the edge of the seat when his or her bottom and back are against the back of the vehicle.
  • Stay comfortable seated in this position for the entire ride.

Please keep in mind that all guests will be required to wear a standard seat belt for the duration of the tour. If this cannot be accomplished, unfortunately the guest will not be able to join the tour.

How safe is a Segway?

Riding a Segway is a lot easier than you think! The utmost care and research has gone into ensuring that the Segway is safe. The Segway has redundant systems and sophisticated alerts built into its design, and many thousands of hours of use have demonstrated that the Segway is safe when used appropriately. It is important that Segway riders understand their responsibility to ride safely. Proper skill level and understanding of the Segway prevents injuries caused by loss of control or misuse.

Are tours given in bad weather?

Tours run rain or shine. But don’t worry! Some of our best tours have taken place in less-than-perfect weather! However, you should still dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions. In the rare event of severe inclement weather, we may be required to cancel the tour. 

How far can a Segway go on a charge?

On a single charge the i2 can support up to 24 miles/38 km of travel, while the x2 can support a trip of up to 12 miles/19 km. Keep in mind that travel distances are dependent on payload, riding style and terrain. In addition, batteries will recharge when traveling down hills. You’ll be amazed at just how far the Segway can take you on our tour.

How fast can a Segway go?

Each Segway can travel up to 12.5 mph/20 kph. 12.5 mph is roughly equivalent to a 5-minute mile. Sometimes it might not feel fast enough on our tour and other times you might feel like you are traveling at the speed of light. No matter what speed we are cruising along at your should always be in full control of your device at all times.

Do I tip my tour guide?

Yes! Tipping is customary in the U.S. service industry and is an important component of guides’ compensation. The tip amount is at your discretion, but consider giving 15-20% for a job well done. (However if you tour with Bret..then we might have to tip you for laughing at his jokes!)