— Bend Photo Tours Questions —

What Sets Us Apart From Other Photo Tours in the Area?

Here at Bend Photo Tours, we cater directly to the needs of photographers and focus on your overall experience. We schedule our trips around the best light, best locations and provide through photo instruction in the field. Currently all our tours are private, and can be fully customizable to ensure each participant gets the most educational and enjoyable experience possible. We also provide small sized workshops maxing out at 6 people, still providing an intimate photo educational experience.

It’s also about personality. You can be an AMAZING photographer, but doesn’t mean you can necessarily convey your skills to someone else. Our personable, educated staff have the ability to not only share how to take better photos, but work with you to make sure you understand how to as well. We may be relatively new to the Bend Tour scene, but with our passion for creating the best experience possible, our hope is that you’ll want to book many more tours with us!

If you have any doubts, read what our past clients are saying about our services: Testimonials

What is a Photo Tour?

A Photo Tour is where photography is the primary objective. We work with you to give invaluable photo instruction in the field, assisting you with your compositions and mastering the technical details. Everyone from beginner to advanced can benefit from this. If you like adventure, exploration, and taking stunning photos, then you’ll have a great time on these trips!

What’s the difference between a Photo Tour, Photoshoot Tour, Photo Workshop, and Photo Talks?

I know there are a lot of different options, but this should help break down the differences:

Photo Tours, described best above, are private 1-3 person tours that range from 3-5 hours We have specific locations that tours can be booked to, or we can customize a tour specific to your photo goals.

Photo Shoot Tours are for those who want to take home stunning photos of themselves with epic Central Oregon as the background.  You can choose from one of our destination tours or we can custom tailor a photo shoot experience to fit your needs

Photo Workshops are scheduled events that focus on a specific topic or location with a photographic educational element to them.  Whether the focus is Fall Foliage, Night Photography or a trip out to Crater Lake, you’ll be able to sign up in advance and book your workshop that fits your educational goals. The workshop sizes are still intimate, maxing out at 6 people, so you still get that individual attention. They are also often a little less expensive than the private tours and can be a little more robust in what they cover. This calendar is constantly updating so keep checking back regularly! 

Photo Talks are for those looking to brush up on your photography skills on a variety of topics from how to work your camera, to the latest trends in the photo industry, to the best way to edit. We even offer portfolio reviews.  These lectures are updated regularly, so check back and see if there’s a topic you’re interested in diving deeper into.

Where Can You Take Me?

Central Oregon is chalked full of amazing photo locations – many of which are far from the typical tourist circuit. We’ve listed a few of the most popular spots here: Bend Photo Tours

There’s a plethora of other places we can go that we haven’t listed on the website as well. Just ask us if you’re interested in alternative options – we love to get off the beaten path!

What Level of Photographer Do I Need to Be?

We take all types from beginners who are just learning to use their cameras to advanced users who want to hone and refine their skills or just be taken out to the ideal photo locations. Whatever level you’re at, we’ll help you learn and enjoy the art of photography. With our private tours you’ll get plenty of individualized attention.

What Type of Camera Should I Bring?

We ask all participants to bring a digital camera along with a tripod. We’ll work with all types of cameras. However, for the highest quality shots, we recommend bringing a digital SLR camera with a couple detachable lenses. Wide-angle lenses are the most useful for landscape photography. If you want specific gear recommendations, just email us. Please note that we do not specialize in film photography. You can bring a film camera if you like, but we won’t be able to offer you the same level of instruction as the digital shooters.

If you want to rent camera gear, we recommend www.BorrowLenses.com.

Are the Trips Flexible?

Absolutely!  With constantly changing weather and road conditions, we may need to modify our plans.  In the event we can’t go to the primary location, we have an entire arsenal of alternate locations we can hit.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

See our full Terms and Conditions for the cancellation policy.

If you must cancel a reservation, contact us as soon as possible. We are usually pretty relaxed when it comes to cancellations and will do all we can to be able to refund your deposit as long as we didn’t have to turn away other clients on those days. Any cancellations must be sent in writing so that we have record of it. Email is preferred.

Should I Have Trip Insurance?

We highly recommend having your own trip insurance in the event something unexpected happens. This will cover any portion of your deposit we are unable to refund in case you have to cancel.

How Difficult Are the Trips?

Being that we run our tours throughout Central Oregon with several micro climates surrounding the area, there are many environmental hazards to be aware of:

  • Potential Extreme heat in summer
  • Freezing temps/snow in the winter
  • High winds
  • Thunderstorms & Flash Floods
  • Steep, off-camber terrain

And Much More

For each trip, we list the difficulty rating.

Easy: Motorized transport to the photo locations and only short walks required. May involve periods of standing or crouching.
Moderate: Mix of motorized transport and short hikes (2-4 miles max).
Strenuous: Long hikes and or backpacking. Good level of physical fitness is needed as we’ll be on our feet most of the day.

It is important that all participants have decent mobility and physical fitness since very few of the places we visit are deemed “accessible.”

Where do I meet for the tour?

We operate out of The Bend Tour Company’s tour center at the Box Factory in Bend, Oregon. All our tours, workshops, talks and tutoring launch from or take place there. If you have any issues getting there, we can talk about making special arrangements.

Where Can I Find the Detailed Terms and Conditions?

The following link is the full version of our Terms and Conditions